Prayer Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

Please join us in the prayer chapel.

To enter via Zoom, click the blue "Prayer Room" box below.




To call in to the Prayer Meeting using your telephone follow these instructions:

  1. Call (669) 900-9128
  2. Enter Meeting ID# 867-6405-8498 when prompted
  3. Hit the pound sign (#) to confirm the number

Practical Discipleship

What do disciples of Jesus do and how do they do it?

Have you ever heard of Spiritual Disciplines? Spiritual Disciplines are the basic things that the Bible says Christians should do. Not as a work unto salvation, but work that proceeds from our salvation. Practical Discipleship is a teaching/training series dedicated to helping believers learn how to do the basic things that Christians are supposed to do. Check out the session playlist below!

Session Library

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